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Non-standard flange and GB flange

Non-standard flange refers to the refractory degree of not less than 1587 Shan of non-metallic materials. shall be adopted according to the product design requirements and shall conform to the current national material standards. Non-standard flange in the operating high-temperature environment by physical, mechanical movement, and so on, so that refractory materials may produce melting, softening, cracking and wear damage phenomenon. For non-standard stainless steel flange materials have the following requirements:

1, stainless steel and molten parts temperature is high, at operating temperature will not change and melt parts.

2, can withstand the high temperature operation produces the stress effect, does not lose the structural strength, does not produce the distortion, does not break.

3, at high temperature volume stability, not because of expansion and contraction of the masonry deformation or cracks.

4, when the temperature changes or uneven heating does not rupture and spalling.

5, should have a certain ability to withstand chemical erosion.

6, should have sufficient strength and wear resistance, in order to withstand high temperature and high speed flame, soot and slag scouring and impact.

Stainless steel non-standard flange connected to take over the road and maintain the sealing performance of the pipeline, facilitate the replacement of a section of the pipeline, easy to open the inspection of the pipeline, facilitate the closure of a section of the pipeline.