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The Method of Pipeline Cleaning Should be Combined with the Material of the Pipeline Itself

The method of cleaning the carbon steel pipe piece, to combine the characteristics of the pipeline itself, can be cleaned with chemical agents, can be recycled, its flexibility is very high, no special requirements for the shape of the pipeline, its cleaning speed is very fast, clean cleaner, is a good way to clean the pipeline.

First, the performance and corrosion resistance of carbon steel pipe

In the pipeline connection can not be separated from the pipe fittings, to connect the pipe, the use of some parts, and some specific technology, for example, the flange is such a part, the pressure is different, the thickness is different, the use of the bolt is not the same, carbon steel pipe can be a good connection to the pipeline, and maintain the tightness of the pipeline, if there is a section of the pipeline is broken, or very easy to replace.

Second, the sealing of carbon steel pipe

In the process of using, for security, will often check the situation of the pipeline, carbon steel pipe piece inspection is more convenient, its corrosion resistance is also the best, it can react with the oxidant, carbon steel pipe pieces in the only use before, must do a good job of anti-corrosion, such as coating a layer of protective paint.

Third, the method of anticorrosion detection

If corrosion occurs, its thickness becomes thinner, it is easy to have pits, can be detected with some specific techniques, its vacuum seals, mainly rubber seals, metal seals, etc., in the use of the process must do the Austrian Anti-Corrosion inspection work, do not paralysis, especially some oil and gas pipelines, once the leak is very serious, in peacetime to check the pipeline is not corrosion.

IV. Cleaning of pigging device

It's driven to clean the pipe, using the pigging to drain the dirt out of the pipe, discharged to the outside of the pipeline, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning the pipeline, this technology is widely used in oil and many other processes of the pipeline cleaning, especially the long transportation pipeline cleaning, its advantages of this cleaning is that other pipelines can not be replaced.

In addition, you can use high-pressure water cleaning method to clean the carbon steel pipe piece, with high pressure to allow the flow of water, the surface of the pipeline cleaning, this method is very suitable for short distance pipeline cleaning, and the diameter of the pipe must be very large, its cleaning speed is very fast, the cost is very low.