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Stainless Steel Flange Parts to Ensure Normal Operation of Flange

As the name suggests, with stainless steel materials produced by the flange is called stainless steel flange. The size of the flange is very small, but the effect is very large, it is essential in some piping engineering fittings. The connection of some pumps, the shunt of the valve and so on all need to use the flange this part. In the pipeline connection, the type of flange is selected depending on the different types of piping.

Flange corresponding Accessories

The parts used to connect pipes are collectively referred to as "flanges", but there are some specific names in the actual use. Some industrial equipment needs to be connected with different parts when assembling, because the parts of industrial machines are of various shapes, so it is necessary for the flange model to adapt to the convenience of connection. Therefore, the stainless steel flange in the actual use of the system will also be made to create the appropriate shape and style. Known as "flange" should be used to connect the two parallel surface of the pipeline, in the connection also need to use the bolt such accessories.

Flange Parts

Flanges are a very broad concept, and all the small parts that can be connected to a pipe can be called flanges. So small parts such as bolts can be called parts of stainless steel flanges. Some connections are only connected to some devices or machines, such as the connection of the pump is the truth, the use of the connecting parts here can be called "Flange type parts."

Gaskets for Flanges

The flange in the connection will use a lot of small parts, in addition to the bolt is also a very important part, that is the gasket. This small gasket is very resilient and can deform arbitrarily under the influence of force. Gasket production materials also have a certain characteristics, the strength of this material is relatively large.

Gaskets for stainless steel flanges are normally made into circular rings. This is to be better fitted with the flange and the connected pipe. A large part of the gasket is made from materials that are not metal. Like some airy pipes, they need flanges when connected, and the bolts can be used to better fasten the flanges together. The closed performance of the connected pipe will also be upgraded to a grade. Flange gasket also has size, according to the different flange will carry out matching gasket production, so more suitable for flange connection.