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When You Buy the Socket, You Should See If The Wall Thickness is Uniform.

The equipment produced by each manufacturer is different, production costs are different, some of the wall thickness is not very uniform, will affect the connection of the effect of pipe fittings, so we buy fittings in accordance with your use, choose the appropriate type and model, to buy reliable.

First, to choose the socket to observe the appearance of pipe fittings

To carefully observe the appearance of the tube, see if it has no obvious defects, is not very rough, the surface is not clean, there is no bubble, scratches, impurities, its color is not positive, its wall thickness is not uniform, and so on, these are necessary to our attention.

Second, the seismic resistance of the socket is good.

Its performance can reduce the noise impact on it, but also good seismic resistance, which increases the security when using, its compatibility is also very good, the connection of pipe fittings, to connect the wall thickness of the pipe and connection This section of the request is not high.

Third, there must be a special test report

The detection of pipe fittings is not possible only by artificial, there must be a special inspection of the Organization and detection of reports, some very important use of the pipe, it is best to conduct on-the-spot sampling, and then sent to the normal unit testing, so that the accuracy rate is higher, to detect a comprehensive, when the purchase to allow manufacturers to issue its inspection report, because some of the performance of the pipe is unqualified, so be sure to pay attention to.

IV. The length and depth of the socket should be adequate

The part of the pipe connection shall be of sufficient length and depth, some enterprises in order to reduce costs, to seek benefits, they are in the production of deliberate jerry-building, socket is very small, so that the use of pipe fittings in the process of leakage is very easy to occur, it is very dangerous, so we have to carefully measure.

Attention to pipe fittings and tubing is not match

Try to insert the tubing into the pipe, see whether it is good to fit together, if the feeling is very loose or very tight, it means that we buy the specifications of the pipe is not suitable for the pipeline, but also to buy a matching adhesive, stick them firmly, in use without leakage.

The socket fitting is like other fittings, are faced with a rusty problem, if rusty, the method of removing rust is a lot of, there is a method is pickling, we had better not use this method, because although it can remove rust, but the environmental pollution is very large, you can use other methods.