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Stainless Steel Flange Product Quality Must Meet Certain Requirements

Flange as a spare parts, they are small size, but the role of this connection, so it is necessary to produce very rigorous. The production of flange parts manufacturers need to have a very high production technology, it is only in this way can produce high-quality stainless steel flange products, flanges of the quality of parts products is also a certain demand.

Parallel welding Flange

When using flange parts for welding, in many cases, the parallel welding is used, which can be used when the pressure inside the pipe is less than or equal to 2.5 MPa. Carbon steel pipes are used in connection with this method. The tightness of the parallel welded stainless steel flange is better, and the whole face is sealed after the welding is finished. This plane can be very smooth, of course, can also be uneven, with concave and convex design and tenon groove design.

Advantages of Welding method

In order to make the pipe more airtight, it is best to choose the way to weld the flange connection. In the welding process there is a very special method, that is Qingtian special style method, this welding method can make stainless steel flange has better sealing properties. It is precisely because of this characteristic that this kind of welding method is very popular. After welding the pipe welding point port is very smooth.

Flange Welding Application

In the connection between the flange or welding this connection method is used more, this welding method is mainly used in the environment is relatively mild conditions. The pressure in the pipe is relatively small, there is no purified or compressed air transmission of the pipeline, the pressures are smaller than the flow of the pipeline, the connection of these pipes can be used to the flange welding.

Advantages of Flange Welding

It is very important to use the welding method to connect the pipe because it is very advantageous in the price, so the construction team and the developer will consider it.

The welding of the stainless steel flange requires a complete alignment of the port and port of the pipe so that there will be no gap between the external gas or the liquid seeping into the pipe. This kind of welding method is very reasonable in the structure, because the strength of welding point and hardness are very big, so can withstand the external environment repeatedly toss. Whether it is high temperature, high pressure or the overall movement of the pipeline, as long as the use of welding method is foolproof.