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Stainless Steel Ellipsoidal Head Stainless Steel Ellipsoidal Head

Item Code:Stainless Steel Ellipsoidal Head Features:
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Diameter: 219-1000mm (remark: Forming the whole head) 
Thickness: 2-100mm 
Shape: Ellipse, dish, hemispherical, ball crown, conical, toriconical, flat bottom, and bow bottom head. 
Material: Various carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, cladding steel plate, copper, aluminum, and titanium. 
Processing method: Cold spinning, cold press, split to suppress. 
DF10050 type spinning unit made in China can process heads with following specifications: 
Diameter: 2400-1000mm 
The diameter of dished head can reach to 11000mm 
Thickness: 50mm (maximum) 

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